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Retirement Announcement:

It saddens us to announce the retirement of Dr Roz Odin.
Dr Odin has been an integral part of Child Health Care Associates and the pediatric community for the last 30 years. Her unwavering commitment to practice evidence based medicine, as well as her work ethic and dedication to pediatrics have helped shape CHCA and she will be greatly missed. She will work until Summer 2023 so you may still see her in and out of the office but on a much reduced basis. Dr Odin loves to travel and so while this announcement is bittersweet, on behalf of everyone at CHCA, we would like to wish her all the best as she embarks on this new adventure.

We are honored to be included in the 2022 CNY Readers Choice awards in the Syracuse area pediatricians category. Thank you so much to all who voted!

Office Updates:

Click here for COVID 19 office updates!

The Moderna COVID vaccine for children 6mo-10 years is now available! You can request the vaccine at your regularly scheduled Annual Check-up (Well Child Check) or sign up for one of our vaccine clinics.
You can also request appointments through our portal once your account is activated (ask at your next office visit!)
Thank you for your patience when calling our office!
The past 18 months have been difficult for everyone (to say the least!) Throughout the pandemic, CHCA remains committed to keeping our doors open 7 days a week to keep you out of the ER or urgent care.
However, like other businesses in healthcare and beyond, we are experiencing a critical shortage of staff in every department. Despite this shortage we will maintain our commitment to keep our extended hours and still see our patients to the best of our ability.
We ask for your patience with wait times on the phones, in the office, and with scheduling physicals.
If you get a busy signal, it’s not that no one is answering phones or that they are left off the hook, the phones are just inundated and we are taking calls in the order they arrive. If you don’t get through, please be patient and try again.
If it’s a true emergency, call 911.
Our staff is working diligently to get to everyone, but in the current situation, wait and response times may not be what you are used to from us.
For non-urgent issues (forms, med refills, requesting physicals, general questions etc), try emailing us through the portal, you should get a response within 48 hours.
As a reminder, phones are on from 8 to 5pm daily M-F and 830am-noon weekends (yes, Saturday AND Sunday!), and we see patients M-F until 8:30pm(!) and weekends for acute sick visits only.
If you have an appointment but no longer need to be seen, please make sure you cancel so we can help another child get in and to avoid no-show fees.
Our staff has been consistently providing services and coming to work for 20+months now with extraordinarily little or no break/time off due to the staffing shortages.
Please keep this in mind when you call and come in. Again, we ask for your continued patience, cooperation, understanding and compassion. Please be kind to our nurses, staff and providers, we are all in this together!
For the time being, we are keeping our Liverpool office closed on the weekends due to staffing shortage, so all weekend sick appointments will be booked in our Kirkville office.
OFFICE ANNOUNCEMENT (copies have also gone out in the mail)
To our young adult patients and families:
After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to change our office policy of keeping patients in our pediatric practice until age 21 years. Due to persistent staffing shortages, we are unable to effectively accommodate our patients, including for annual checkups and sports physicals for our school age families and required well visits and vaccines for our infants and toddlers. You may also noticed the reduction in sick time availability despite being open until 8pm M-F and being open BOTH Saturday and Sunday, as well as the difficulty getting through by telephone many mornings as our phones have been inundated for over 18 months now.
Therefore going forward, our young adult patients will transfer to adult care providers by the age of 19 years old. This means that any patient over 18 years old should start to look for an adult provider for their healthcare. We will continue to provide medical services for those greater than 19 years old until 5/1/23 if needed, to allow ample time to get established with a new physician. On 1/1/23 we will stop scheduling annual well child checks for those over age 19 years old (any appointments already made will of course be honored). This change also places our office more in line with the other pediatric practices in the CNY area.
We certainly regret having to make this change. Perhaps the greatest reward in pediatrics is to witness the change and growth of an infant into an adult. We thank you for the privilege of entrusting the welfare of your children’s health with us at CHCA. We are very grateful! We wish you all good health and happiness in the future.

Welcome to Child Healthcare Associates. We are a pediatric practice specializing in the care of children and adolescents through twenty years of age. Our eleven providers all follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


The practice has two locations: one at 6700 Kirkville Road in East Syracuse, and the other at 8100 Oswego Road Suite 220 located in Liverpool. We are an NCQA accredited PCMH (patient centered medical home).

We have a patient portal, ask for an activation code at your next office visit!

Both offices are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with extended hours in the evening at one or the other office. Both offices are open on the weekends from 8:30 a.m. for children who are acutely ill. Our phones are open for informational calls or to make appointments between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays. After this, your calls will be handled by our answering service. Experienced nurses will handle most informational calls both during the day and at night. We encourage our patients to call when they have a question. To reach us when the office is closed, just dial the regular office number and you will be connected to our answering service.

If your child is ever in a life threatening emergency situation, do not call the answering service; instead call 911, and have the ambulance take your child to Upstate (University) Hospital Emergency Department.

Thank you for considering Child Healthcare Associates as the practice for your pediatric services.

In a children-friendly environment!

Specially designed to help kids feel at home.

East Syracuse Hours

Monday - Friday
(Extended Hours Available)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Weekends: Acute Sick Visit
Appointments Only
From 8:30 a.m.

Liverpool Hours

Monday - Friday
(Extended Hours Available)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Weekends: Acute Sick Visit
Appointments Only
From 8:30 a.m.

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